How to use Trx Training Straps for Stretching Exercises

While most people use TRX training straps to build strength and endurance, they can also be used to stretch and improve flexibility. This can be very handy not only for professional athletes, but also for people recuperating from illness or surgery. Here are a few stretching exercises you can do using only your TRX home workout system:

Calves stretch TRX1. TRX Calves stretch

Start by standing up straight, and face away from your anchor point. Keep the handles just above your waist. Put one foot forward, placing it into an offset position. While leaning forward, push the heel of your back foot towards the floor in order to stretch the calf muscle. Hold the position for half a minute at a time, rotate and repeat.

2. TRX torso twist stretch – long

SLong-torso-twist-stretch TRXtart by turning sideways from your anchor point. Holding the handles of your TRX training straps at hip level, put your left foot forward – placing it into an offset position. Lean outwards while looking at the anchor point, which will result in a twist of your torso. Let your hips down; this will intensify the twist and the resulting stretch. Hold your arms straight, and maintain the position. Upon completion, switch over to the other side, and repeat to stretch both ways.

3. TRX Shoulder stretch

SShoulder-stretch TRXtart by standing sideways to your anchor point. Place both of the handles in one hand, and place your hand at hip level behind your back. Place one foot forward in an offset position to allow you to maintain or regain your balance if need be. Bending your arm, lean outwards. Don’t apply too much pressure when starting out – so don’t lean out too far at the onset. Upon completion, change over to the other side and repeat the process.

In conclusion

There are many ways in which your TRX training straps can be used for flexibility training. While it is very efficient, you may want to keep in mind that you can achieve more by only stretching your muscles once they are warmed up, and to ease into it until you know how much your body can tolerate.

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