TRX Training Exercises for Shoulders and Calves – part 2

There are many variations of TRX training exercises for any part of the body. And all of them can be adapted to suit your personal level of strength and fitness, whether you are a professional athlete, or just trying to get into shape.

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Here are two more items you can add to your TRX workout routine:

Sprinter-start TRX1. TRX sprinter start:

Use your TRX straps at roughly mid-length. Turn away from the anchor point, and face in the opposite direction. Take hold of the foam grips, and let your arms bend to an angle of about 90 degrees. Your upper body should be straight, your shoulders relaxed but not slumped, and your chin up. As always, engage your core. Stepping forward with one leg, lower your hips until your front knee forms an angle of about 45 degrees. As you exhale, straighten your front leg, pushing yourself upwards on your (back legs’) toes to keep the heel high. As you inhale, raise your hips, lower the heel of your front foot again, directed towards the floor. Extend the upper leg back into the lunge.

TRX Single-leg-calf-raises2. Single leg TRX calf raises:

Use your TRX straps at mid-length. Turn away from your anchor point, facing in the opposite direction. Take hold of the foam grips on your TRX suspension straps, and have your arms bent at an angle of 90 degrees. As in the sprinter start exercise, you should keep your upper body straight, your shoulders back but relaxed, and your chin up. Always ensure that you engage your core. While standing on one foot, bend the other leg, lifting the foot off the ground. As you exhale, push yourself up on your toes – while keeping your whole body, including your neck, as straight as possible. Inhale again, and lower yourself again.

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