TRX Suspension Trainer Workout for Back & Biceps – part 2

Here are some more ideas for your TRX suspension trainer workout: Back and Biceps TRC exercises part 2. You can view part one of this workout routine here – including the suggested warmup times and how to structure your progression.

trx power pullTRX Power Pull

Stand with your face towards your anchor point. Lift and extend your right arm until it forms a line with the TRX straps. As you lean backwards, extend your left arm as well, but rotate your torso leftwards so that your left arm essentially extends backwards. Ideally, your arms should form a straight line. As you exhale, execute a rowing motion with your right arm. At the same time, turn your torso back again, and move your left hand to the front (still in a straight line). As you inhale, complete the reverse version of the movement, and return to your starting position.

trx L-sit-to-posterior-plankTRX L-sit to posterior plank

For back and biceps, this TRX suspension trainer workout is particularly effective: Start off by putting your heels into the foot straps. While keeping your legs straight and sitting down on the ground, position your hands on the floor (or on the ground/grass if you are doing it outside), but behind your butt. As you exhale, push down on both your heels and your hands, and drive your hips upwards. lean your head backwards as you lift yourself. Ideally, your body should form a straight line, including your head. As you inhale again, lower your hips again – but don’t tough the ground. Suspend yourself about an inch off the floor, and pull your butt backwards so it ends up between your hands. However, for maximum effect, keep both your arms and legs straightened the whole time.

Note: The further back you place your hands before pushing upwards, the easier it will be on your arms – but the harder it will be for your back and stomach muscles. Experiment to see what works best for your physical capabilities.

To view more exercises for your TRX suspension trainer workout, you may want to have a look at the TRX workouts page here.

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