TRX Home Workout for Shoulders and Calves part 3

This is part 3 of the TRX home workout for shoulders and calves. You can read more about it, and other suspension trainer exercises, if you click here.

trx Shoulder-push-upsTRX shoulder push-ups:

While facing away from your anchor point, kneel and place both of your feet in the foot cradles. Place your hands under your shoulders, and lift both knees off the ground – to assume a plank position. With your hands, take a step towards your feet, raising your hips as you do so. Your legs should be slightly bent, and your hands should be somewhat more than shoulder-width apart, turned slightly inwards. As you inhale, bend your arms until your forehead touches the floor. At this point, your elbows should be in a 90-degree angle. As you exhale, push yourself back up from the floor.

trx T-deltoid-flyTRX T deltoid fly:

Stand facing your anchor point, and stagger your stance. Take one foam grip in each hand, and lean back. Your weight should be on the TRX straps, and your arm should be extended in front of your chest. As you exhale, pull against the straps in an outward motion, aiming to open your arms until you reach a “T” shape. Return to your starting position and inhale.

For this part of the TRX home workout, your current level of strength will determine how far back you can lean, and still be able to open your arms into a “T” shape.

trx Clock-pullTRX Clock pull:

Adjusting your TRX straps to roughly mid length, stand with your face towards your anchor point (bot not too close). Move your feet towards your anchor point, and extend your arms to the height of your chin. As you exhale, perform a rowing motion with your right arm, pulling it closer to your face. Aim to extend the left arm outwards into a “T” position. Let both your arms straighten again, inhaling and lowering your body again as you return to your starting position. Once you get into a rhythm, this part of the TRX home workout resembles a “clock pull”, albeit at a different angle.

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