TRX Exercises for Shoulders and Calves part 1

Before you start your TRX exercises for shoulders and calves, be sure to do a proper warm-up routine. Ideally these should consist of some aerobic, and some pre-stretch movements. Once you have completed the actual TRX workout, do three sets of stretches (at least 30 seconds each) of the muscle groups you targeted.

The progression of the whole routine can be adapted to either favour building endurance, or to burn calories. It can, of course, also be adapted to suit your current level (or lack of) fitness. As your fitness levels improve, simply add more repeats to each section of your training routine. Depending on your needs – in case you are recovering from an injury – you may also choose to spend more time working on specific muscles than others.

For more information about time requirements, repeats, etc. Click Here.

TRX Squats-for-calvesTRX Squat exercises for calves

With your TRX straps set at mid-length, turn your back to the anchor point. Take hold of the foam grips, and bend your arms to form an angle of 90 degrees. Stand facing forward, and keep your chest up and out. Start with your hands close to your ears, rolling your down and back. Ideally, your stance should be no wider than the width of your shoulders. After inhaling, enter a squatting position on your toes. As you exhale, push yourself back up with your toes to straighten your legs. Tighten your abs – deliberately – to ensure your lower back remains straight.

trx Standing-calf-raiseStanding calf raise TRX exercise

Use your TRX straps at mid-length, and face away from your anchor point. Take hold of the foam grips, and once again bend your arms into a 90-degree angle. Feet should be slightly less than shoulder-width apart. As you exhale, get up on your toes – but keep your whole body straight, your neck included. Inhale, and shift your weight back onto your feet.

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