TRX Basic Training for Back & Biceps part 3

If you missed the previous section of the TRX basic training for back and biceps, you can simply click here to read it. As always, please do take the necessary time to warm up, and to do the suggested stretches afterwards.

Here are three more TRX basic training exercises for back and biceps:

TRX Biceps curl

TRX Biceps curl

Start off by facing your TRX anchor point, and take one handle into each hand. Your palms should face each other. Lean backwards, tightening the straps and extending your arms. In order to activate the biceps, execute the following movement as you exhale: Bend your elbows, but don’t let them drop. Keep pulling until your hands create a frame for your forehead. Ideally, this movement should be executed slowly for maximum efficiency. As you inhale again, return to your starting position.

TRX Clutch curlTRX Clutch curl

Start off facing your anchor point. As for the biceps curl, lean backwards until your arms are extended and the TRX straps are taut. Your palms should face each other. However, instead of lifting your hands up to frame your face, you must – as you exhale – bring your arms across towards your chest. Remember to keep your elbows high. As you inhale again, straighten your arms and lower your body.

Note: You can change the intensity for all of these exercises by simply changing the position of your feet.

TRX One arm biceps curlTRX One arm biceps curl

If you want to drastically increase the intensity of your TRX basic training workout, try the one-arm biceps curl. Creating a single loop on your TRX home workout system, take hold of the single handle with one arm, turning sideways. After extending your arm, perform a bicep curl with one arm as you exhale. Ideally, your elbow should remain at shoulder height during the whole movement. As you extend your arm again, inhale.

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