Peak Fitness Pull Up Power Bands

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For Weight Lifting and Power Lifting, stretching and toning – Various Weights/Colours

Black = 4-16 kg Resistance, Purple = 2-22kg resistance, Blue = 14-36kg resistance



  • Powerful resistance bands which can be stretched up to 2.5 times original length
  • Great for building strength through assisted pull ups
  • Come in varying strengths to suit all requirements
  • Also great for physio, rehab, speed and agility training.
  • ORDER NOW! RISK FREE! We offer a 100% money back guarantee. No quibbles, no hassle, we will REFUND you if for any reason you are not satisfied.


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Black, Purple, Blue

1 review for Peak Fitness Pull Up Power Bands

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have never been able to do even one pull up but, after signing up for a course in aerial Hoop, I need to learn!
    When I first tried to learn I literally just hung from a pull up bar and, though I was pulling with all my strength, all I could do was hang.

    I started watching some you tube videos on how to learn to do pull ups and that’s when I first heard about pull up bands – definitely recommend searching these videos when you buy this band!

    Of all the videos I watched, the one I liked the most recommended you begin by jumping up into your first pull up and holding the position for 10 seconds or as long as possible and repeating this a few times. Then hanging down for 10 seconds or as long as possible.
    I had been doing this for a few days before the band arrived and had definitely begun to gain some strength, though I was still unable to do a full pull up.

    Attaching the band to a bar is easy- you simply loop it over and through. I then hold one side of the bar and step into the band and grab the ther side.
    I admit that I was quite nervous at first! What if the band breaks and I fall? What if I ping my self up into the ceiling?!
    But actually it is very easy to get used to.
    The band helps with the movement and takes away some of your body weight making pull ups much easier.
    From what I have read these are best used for practicing or when you are struggling to learn to do a pull up- once you have mastered it and can lift your own weight it is best to start doing them without so as not to become lazy!

    I have only had this for 3 days and i can feel that I am becoming stronger and more able.

    The band is very very thick and great quality. I am not very heavy (about 9 stone) and this supports me very easily and could cope with a much heavier weight,

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. A rare 5 stars!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    The band was strong and seemed to be very good quality, very sturdy and not flimsy.

    During the testing of the pull up bar, my partner looped it over the pull up bar at the gym and put the loop of the band around his knee. This resistance of the band enabled my partner to pull himself up to a full pull up. He managed 5 pull ups which is great as he normally is unable to do a full pull up unassisted. For more tension the band can be looped around the foot.

    The band is great when you for practicing your pull up technique and also helps with the pull ups as you start to build up your back and arm muscles. It’s also ideal if you want to train by yourself and not having to rely on your partner to assist in pullups.

    My partner enjoyed using the pull up band and found it very useful. He gives it a 5 star.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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